New In Town

Important Numbers

FIRE: 911
HEALTH CENTRE: 780-636-3533
VILNA SCHOOL: 780-636-3651
POST OFFICE: 780-636-3630
VILNA COIN-OP LAUNDRY: 780-614-6177 OR 780-646-2384
D&E GROCERY: 780-636-3570
VILNA HOTEL: 780-636-3524
VILNA REGISTRIES: 780-636-3505
ALBERTA TREASURY BRANCH AGENCY (Carol's Gifts): 780-636-3666

NOTE: For economy, housing, education, healthcare, emergency services, highway and transportation, bus and courier information, trucking firms, newspapers and radio information visit the Community Profile page.

For Natural Gas call Smoky Lake County Natural Gas at 780-656-3730.

For Electricity - there are a number of electricity retailers from whom you can purchase electricity (Direct Energy, Just Energy, Alberta Cooperative Energy [ACE] to name a few).

For Water Supply, Sewage / Waste Management, Taxation and Safety Deposit Box service drop by the Village Office on Main Street (5431 - 50th Street) or call 780-636-3620 or email Although there is usually someone in the Village Office Monday to Thursday 10am to 6pm, our official open hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 1-4:00pm.

Single Family Residential water rates are $20.00 / mo. plus $3.408 charged for each cubic meter. The commercial flat rate is charged by the Village depending on the type of business. Since April 30, 2014, the Village purchases water from a regional water line owned by the Highway 28/36 Regional Water Services Commission out of Smoky Lake County offices. This water is piped to the Village through the Commission's pipeline from the EPCOR water plant in Edmonton. 

Single Family Residential sewage rates are $15/ mo. Commercial rates vary depending on the type of business. 

Single Family Residential garbage/landfill charge is $25.00 / mo.  Commercial rates vary depending on the type of business. A sewage dump station is located at 4840-49 Ave. Garbage and cardboard/compost recycle is picked up weekly (currently on Wednesdays).

Utility billings for Water, Sewer and Garbage/Landfill are mailed out every two months. 

For Internet  - MCSNet in St. Paul 1-866-390-3928 , TELUS 1-888-811-2323 . Other providers are also available.

Telephone services are provided by numerous providers.

The Village's taxation is based on a Total Mill Rates [2017] Residential - 15.75 Non-Residential - 29.75. Tax Notices are mailed May 31 and payment is due June 30th of each year.

When the Village took over the former TD Bank building, it also took over its Safety Deposit Box service. For as low as $31 rent annually, you will have a safe place to store for all your valuables...locally.